To fix it or not to fix it?

I have fixed rates 3 times in the past decade. I have been out of the money on all three occasions.

Each time the market and advice was different. And this time, there is no doubt that the country and globe is in a completely foreign state facing rough and uncharted waters.

The overarching view is that rates cannot go any lower – hard to argue with the cash rate now at 0.25% and the Reserve Bank Governor stating that this is as low as it will go. In the most recent emergency rate cut mid-March 2020, there were hardly any lenders who passed the cut they received onto borrowers.

2019 Home Loan Update

2019 has been an interesting year to say the least. Everything from the Royal Commission to multiple Reserve Bank rate cuts, tougher economy, elections etc, has certainly been enough to make people slow down and in many cases stop what they are doing stop…

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