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Charter Finance has arranged over $1 billion in property finance for our clients over the past 10 years. We only highlight this number to show how many clients have placed the trust of their biggest assets confidently and safely into our hands.


Our relationship with our clients goes beyond numbers.For the clients we partner with, they understand how much energy, effort and passion we put into sourcing and managing their facilities as professionally as possible. We deliver service of the highest standard providing a tailored and industry leading experience.


Our team have backgrounds in law, accounting, banking and commerce. We specialise in complex debt structures, with a focus on clients in the medical profession and high net worth investors.

The Charter Finance

“To partner with our clients for their borrowing lives, ensuring their asset growth goals are clearly mapped out.”

About us

Our core strength is firstly, we understand property intimately, and secondly, our daily participation in finance markets allows us to arrange and structure the optimum financial solution for our clients.

Experience the difference

Once you settle your first property deal with us, you automatically become a member of our Charter Scheme. This ensures long term dedication from our staff to assist in reducing your debt and growing your property wealth. Settlement is where our service truly begins.

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…And take control of your most valuable material assets!

Better rates for borrowers

“We treat our clients as our shareholders – there is no conflict of interest. We will therefore
always push the limits to secure the best return possible for our client’s property(ies).”

Interest rates are a critical pillar of the process, but managing your repayments properly
has a far greater impact on the growth in the equity in your home than interest rates –
something banks won’t share with you.

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Extra Repayments Calculator

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Extra Repayments Calculator

"What will my repayments be?"

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