Definition of Service: A valuable action, deed, or effort performed to satisfy a need or to fulfil a demand.

Charter Finance exists to provide repeated high value actions to completely satisfy the needs of our clients in an area that we consider to be one of the most important in our client’s lives, their financial assets.

We know that bringing a sound strategy and constant focus will deliver our clients peace of mind. Financial uncertainty causes both personal and familial stress, and we therefore take enormous pride in our role to ensure we deliver a service that only strengthens our client’s net asset positions.

Sourcing debt is only the very beginning of the relationship with our clients. We seek to partner with our clients for the duration of their asset growth plans, ensuring we play a critical role in improving their overall return on investment. When this is done properly, it helps clients build enormous amounts of additional equity in their property portfolios.

We specialise in complex deals for medical professionals / high net worth individuals and play a crucial role in the planning of acquisitions for our clients, exaction thereof and then most importantly, managing the debt associated with these assets. We also seek to ensure that our clients always have adequate protection cover to minimise any disruption to their families in an unforeseen event.

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