People are fussy (as are we!) about the coffee they are served. All the more so should they be when it comes to their most valuable material assets. Our team’s attention to detail, responsiveness and ability to accurately determine our clients’ needs is what helps set us apart in delivering a best of industry outcome.

The relationships we have with our clients is built on integrity. We leverage our well-regarded industry knowledge to fulfil our clients’ needs so that we provide the absolute best outcome for our clients.

Our core values are focused on the highest level of professional dedication to our clients’ requirements, coupled with our desire to partner for joint success. The care we show our clients truly reflects the partnership we desire in every relationship we have.

Our key point of difference in why you should engage the Charter Finance team is our desire to partner our clients. We are not interested in transactions / or shortterm relationships. We truly relish in our ability to deliver as much financial freedom through our clients most valuable material assets, throughout our clients working lives.

This is something we grapple with as people often find it hard to measure something if they don’t have to pay for it. And yes, particularly in residential real estate, the vast majority of the times, there is no payment made by the client for our services.

We effectively act as a variable work force cost to all lenders, helping ‘sell’ their loan products, but we are completely lender agnostic. The fees that the lenders pay us are exactly the same. We will always only recommend a lender that is in the best interests of our clients. It is also important to note that in almost all cases, we can secure better rates for our clients, than in if a client contacts a lender directly. This is because we have no conflict of interest. We do not have to satisfy any shareholders interests first and we know how far lenders can be pushed on their rates.

It’s critical that the moment you are contemplating (re)entering the market, that you contact us.

Reasons are as follows:

  • We can assess based off your income, expenses, savings and liabilities, how much you can afford to pay for a property, detailing what the monthly repayments would be and how this works with your current monthly spend;
  • Applying for a loan is a lot more complex than it used to be, even if you’re a seasoned investor. You may have too many loan applications, credit cards, weak credit history or other aspect that could limit what you would like to apply for;
  • Sometimes this involves reducing living costs, closing credit cards etc. This is far better to do upfront than applying for a loan only to be declined which then further affects your credit score;
  • Not every lender will be suitable for every borrower. We will let you know upfront which one is most appropriate for your particular circumstances and which is the most competitive amongst them.

This is a good question, but one that can only be determined by questions we would need to ask you (or your advisers) first to determine the best structure for you. There are numerous aspects to consider including:

  • How long do you envisage holding the property for;
  • Your age and other income commitments;
  • Future change in income (positive or negative);
  • How much deposit you have?
  • Should you pay interest only, or principal and interest (or a combination thereof)
  • Do you partially (or fully) fix the interest rate?
  • If it’s a refinance, does your current bank hold any other extra security it need not have;
  • If it’s for owner occupied purposes, would you consider ultimately holding it for investment purposes and buying another property….

Amongst many other questions… This is part of our initial needs & goals analysis where we walk you through the discovery process and then ensure we deliver the best structure for your specific circumstances.

There is so much uncertainty, information and misinformation around the assistance that is available to home owners seeking relief where they are suffering financial hardship or have lost their jobs or closed businesses.

Almost all lenders have the measures available which is now found on the front page of their respective websites.

You need to apply directly to them for this and this typically allows for a holiday from your repayments for 3 or 6 months. Your interest then gets capitalised to the loan which means you then repay this portion of missed repayments, over the balance of the loan term, once the ‘holiday’ has completed.

The attached document explains the process for the major banks (and Macquarie Bank) for both personal and business loans.

Please however feel free to contact us at any point as we really appreciate how stressful this is.

We can help our customers find the right home loan solution.

Charter Finance