Protection Services

We all have people close to us who have suffered from illness or tragedy yet we ‘hope’ this does not effect our family or ourselves. Whilst securing your mortgage is our core service, it’s vital that we also ensure you keep your home & maintain your lifestyle if the worst happens.

We have specialist protection partners who can advise you on:

  • Risks that might stop you from keeping up your repayments
  • Your current cover and any shortfalls therein
  • The optimal solution to ensure you / your family are in no worse a situation should the worst happen

Our advisers will take the time to understand your circumstances and recommend the right cover for you!

Why Protection?

For every home destroyed through fire…
There are 3 homes forced to be sold through death…
And 48 homes forced to be sold through disablement…
A typical non-smoker, male, aged 40, before they reach 65, runs the following risks:
0 %
risk of being unable to work for at least two months
0 %

risk of becoming
seriously ill

0 %

risk of death

0 %

risk of any of
these happening

You insure your car, what about insuring something a bit more important than that – yourself!

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