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Financial Wholeness© Matters

How to increase your team’s productivity and employee retention
We could give you a thousand reasons why Financial Wholeness© matters! Let us give you some statistics, based on ANZ survey executed in December 2021:
  • 1.8m Australians suffer from financial stress;
  • On average, financially stressed employees lose 7.7 hours from stress related issues and 1.2 hours from stress related sickness – PER WEEK!
  • $30.9 billion per year lost in revenue by Australian businesses.
Financial stress affects physical health, relationships, mental health and families – and a scary statistic is that only just over one quarter of people employed are classified as being financially well. Business leaders understand the impact of financial unwellness is a leading cause of employee lack of engagement and employee retention. Financial knowledge and experience are the key drivers to change financial behaviours which then reduces the unfortunate statistics. Our Financial Wholeness Journey© is tailored programme that delivers engagement and meaningful results to your employees and business.

Financial Wellbeing

at work

Meeting Daily Commitments

Does your income comfortably cover expenses?

Worry Free

How well do you sleep at night given your current financial position?

Financial Resiliance

How would you manage negative changes to your income levels?

Confident your future is protected

How do you classify your long term financial position?

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Learn how to increase your team's productivity and employee retention.