Development Loans

We find ourselves in a changing investment loan market, in which the cost of finance is increasing and institutions are being compelled to implement more conservative lending practices.

With LVR restrictions on the rise and buyers not attuned to market developments, mitigating the risk of failed settlements is a practice best undertaken early.

Charter Finance Institute is uniquely placed to assist the purchasers of your properties with their individual debt funding requirements.

An exceptional understanding of the individual lending institutions, their requirements as well as their overall purchaser exposure to your development on completion, means we are able to navigate the best possible path based on individual buyer circumstances.

By leveraging our experience, industry knowledge and banking relationships, we partner your buyers towards a favourable outcome, not only for them but for you, the developer too.

Reducing settlement time and developer risk.

As a developer, you need your buyers to settle as quickly as possible post issuance of your occupancy certificate. Providing this value add service to your purchasers:

  1. Reduces settlement time and your overall interest bill.
  2. Assists you with gaining an understanding of where any possible settlement risk lies;
  3. Ensures that those people who transact with your organisation enjoy a purchase experience that is streamlined and supportive.

Looking after your brand, by looking after your buyers.

We appreciate the importance of your brand’s perception within the market.

As such, we secure highly competitive rates and individually appropriate loans for your purchasers, while ensuring a positive experience throughout the settlement process for both yourself and your purchasers.

A key measure of success for us is that your buyers associate your brand with a professional, attentive and results-driven team.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our clients and those of our referrers.

We have strong alliances and partnerships from the major banks to privates. This enables us to stay up-to date on all loan products and risk factors. It is this knowledge that we provide our clients with, to meet our aim of providing high-quality level of advice and customer focused brokerage service. At Charter Finance, you will receive a tailored lending solution to meet your specific project needs.

Another point of difference, is our strong & well regarded residential broking division. Through our parent company, Annex Finance Group, we have established a multitude of mortgage broking businesses for real estate groups and developers.

We also have a specific programme in place which markets to buyers who purchase off the plan and ensures there is as reduced risk as possible in their settlements thereby ensuring the developers manage their peak debt exposure appropriately.

Regardless of the type of project, lenders require certain information prior to investing:

  • Where the development will be located
  • Project’s potential profit
  • Project’s design and delivery
  • Plan of development
  • Builder’s experience
  • Your experience as a property developer

One of our first steps is to carry out a development feasibility study to determine whether the project is worth your time, money and energy. Our second step will be conducting a market research to determine the value followed by creating a solid development plan with a smart and tailored proposal. This will have the goal of obtaining the maximum amount of funding to complete your project.

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