Corporate Partnerships

Charter Finance provides the teams of corporations we partner with, with a service centred around their staff’s most important material assets, being their homes and investment properties, with the aim to both bolster growth in equity in properties.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Providing teams with professional guidance in and around their most significant personal financial assets. We effectively act as private banker to each one of their employees in sourcing / refinancing home & investment loans. We are not aligned to any one lender, but are across the whole banking market;
  • We have a programme to help map out what is needed for any employee that does not have, but would like to own a property;
  • We contribute to fulfilling many of our partner’s core values which includes caring for their teams’ financial (and in turn mental) wellbeing;
  • Charter’s Financial Wholeness Journey has been listed as a ‘non-monetary’ value-add by employees which assists with employee satisfaction & retention.

Our Finance Strategists provide advice on sourcing / restructuring debt. Then this service is followed up by our Personal Banking team who, using bespoke technology and sound financial principles, help our clients maximise their wealth through reducing their debts in a much quicker timeframe.

Our Financial Wholeness Journey addresses our clients key financial challenges:

  • Offers a complete picture of where you are financially in regard to your goals and lifestyle
  • Provides a clear guidance and financial coaching with a private accountability partner to monitor your monthly performance
  • Lays out a pathway to build your wealth without solely relying on a salary
The diagram below outlines what is incorporated in the Financial Wholeness Journey

Personal Banking

People importantly engage with fitness professionals – whether this is to ensure they just get out of bed , or push themselves that much harder – or both. Our Personal Banking team acts in this capacity for our clients, making sure our clients achieve their goals and set themselves on a path to financial freedom. 

Using our state of the art technology platform, our clients have access to a live snapshot of their daily expenses, their net assets, as well as a portal whereby they can house their wills and any other important documents.

We take the steps necessary to both protect and grow our client’s financial future’s to a far superior level than industry standard as we are passionate about fulfilling our mission. 

We sit down with each client and get a thorough understanding of their Why’s and their Goals. We then agree on these parameters in and partner with our clients to ensure that they, on a monthly basis, are meeting these goals.

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