Financial Wellness

Charter Finance provides the teams of corporations we partner with, with a service centred around their staff’s most important material assets, being their homes and investment properties, with the aim to both bolster growth in equity in properties and alleviate any financial pressures.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Providing teams with professional guidance in and around their most significant personal financial assets. We effectively act as private banker to each one of the their employees in sourcing / refinancing home & investment loans. We are not aligned to any one lender, but are across the whole banking market.
  • We have a programme to help map out what is needed for any employee that does not have, but would like to own a property.
  • We contribute to fulfilling many of our partner’s core values which includes caring for their teams’ financial (and in turn mental) wellbeing;
  • Charter’s Mortgage Mapping has been listed as a ‘non-monetary’ value-add by employees which assists with employee satisfaction & retention.

Typically, our brokers/credit advisers provide advice on initially sourcing/restructuring debt, but far more importantly, how to manage debt post settlement.

Charter Scheme

We sit down with each client and plot the cost of interest over the life of the loan, together with showing our clients how much of an impact additional repayments can make over the life of a loan.

As each year passes, we then meet with our clients to re-assess their existing position, determine where they are at with their  expenses, and see how much more money you could potentially inject into their loans to continue growing their wealth.

We simultaneously secure valuations for our clients properties to help determine how much equity there. This enables our clients to potentially then purchase an additional property, or utilise the equity to invest in other asset classes.

Charter Finance

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